How to grow dutch passion

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how to grow dutch passion

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How to grow feminized seeds indoors

Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter George Seeds Start date Dec 9, Tags comparative grow dutch passion the vault cannabis seeds store. Last edited: Dec 9, Nizza Well-Known Member. Thanks so much vault! All signed up! Thanks to The Vault and Dutch Passion.

DirtyDogs steff44 thewanderer Thank you vault. I don't have any journals. However I have run a few tester grows with frequent updates and pictures of various breeders and chuckers alike,here on the forum. Does thus qualify? It's not oregano Well-Known Member. I missed out on the last one due to being mid grow and having holidays. I'm not missing out on this one! Not sure how I will fit more plants in but I will give it a damn good go!

Just thought I would mention it in case I am not the only one this has happened to. DirtyDogs Well-Known Member.How to grow Autoflower seeds? Autoflowers are feminized cannabis seeds, also known as auto seeds or autoflowering seeds. What makes these cannabis seeds different is their unique growth cycle.

Traditional photoperiod feminized seed varieties start to flower when light hours are reduced from 18 to 12 hours. Outdoors photoperiod feminized seed varieties are induced to bloom by the days getting shorter. Many indoor growers cultivate their autoflower plants under 20 hours of indoor light. Most autoflowers have a life cycle of about 10 to 12 weeks for indoor growers. After germination the seedlings will grow and start to flower automatically usually after weeks indoors. Most indoor growers of autoflower seeds harvest their plants around weeks after germination.

Outdoors the autoflower growth cycle can take a couple of weeks longer due to the cool temperatures, reduced daylight hours and the effects of the weather. Cold nights, for example, can delay the growth of an autoflower.

Orange Hill Special Grow Review

In general autoflowers can take between weeks when grown outdoors, depending on the climate you live in. Autoflowering varieties have been especially important for outdoor growers. Normally cannabis is planted outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere around April and harvested around October.

This gives a month lifecycle when growing feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds. However some countries have summers that are too short to allow outdoor growing over this time period. Autoflower seeds changed that. Even growers in Scandinavia are able to find a suitable sunny 10 week growing window and the result is excellent quality marijuana.

In Mediterranean and some temperate climates up to 3 successive crops a year are possible with autoflower cannabis seeds. These days lots of growers use autoflower seeds for home cultivation or professional legal cannabis cultivation. You can expect high THC levels, easy and uncomplicated growing and heavy yields. You can grow them under any light cycle indoors or outdoors. Feminized autoflower seeds are a fast way to get a harvest of top quality cannabis whether you are growing indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Autoflowers can be ideal for a discreet but sunny corner of your garden, greenhouse, patio or an outdoor guerrilla spot. Compared to normal outdoor varieties an autoflower will usually yield less. This gives them plenty of time to reach heights of meters outdoors, or more.

However autoflowers grow for a shorter period, typically weeks outdoors. This allows autoflowers to stay much smaller and more manageable.

how to grow dutch passion

You may be able to get 2 or even 3 successive outdoor autoflower crops per year. As a result of the short lifecycle of these plants, autoflower seeds often produce smaller, more compact plants. Most autos grow to about 1 meter in height. Some autoflowers, mostly Sativa dominant ones, can exceed this height and grow taller. Although the life cycle and height of autoflowers is short, they can produce excellent yields of top quality cannabis.

Of course, just with any cannabis seed, much depends on the experience and skill of the grower. Much also depends on the grow conditions, lighting, nutrition etc. Often around grams is a typical result.Growing cannabis indoors is easy.

Read on to learn more about:. Growing cannabis is easy. Cannabis grows in a wide variety of substrates and under a broad range of conditions. If you are looking to grow a few plants in a square metre tent, then any of the Dutch Passion autoflower seeds would be a good choice for an easy grow. The Dutch Passion cannabis seed collection is one of the most complete seed catalogues ever assembled.

You will find a wide selection of cannabis cup winning varieties in several categories. Feminized seeds grow vegetively for the first few weeks under 18 or 24 hours of daily light. Fast blooming varieties are probably very Indica dominant, such as Bubba Island Kush.

Autoflower seeds grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days under 20 hours of daily light. Many people find them the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to grow cannabis indoors. Less experienced growers often find that autoflower seeds are one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to start growing cannabis.

Autoflower seeds grow under any light schedule indoors or outdoors. They tend to reach around a metre tall for most indoor growers and produce heavy harvests of strong cannabis. In general, cannabis seeds with indica genetics tend to produce shorter plants, and sativa varieties tend to be slightly taller and can stretch more during bloom. Sativa dominant varieties also have a longer life cycle than Indica dominant strains, both for photoperiod and autoflowering plants.

Auto Blackberry Kush® Dutch Passion - Time Lapse of growing cannabis plant

These are popular with medical growers, the high may not be quite as intense as a typical THC rich variety. You can get CBD rich cannabis seeds as both autoflowering and feminized photoperiod options. Regular Seeds. These give rise to female and male plants in roughly equal quantities. They are often used by old-school growers or those looking to select parent plants for subsequent crossing. New growers tend to avoid using regular seeds.

For less experienced growers, feminized seeds are a more convenient and simpler option. Choosing a cannabis variety is of major importance. Yields and quality of plants grown under artificial lights mostly depend on: 1. Seed variety 2. Whether the plants are grown from seeds or clones 3. After how many days of growing the plants are put into flowering 4.

Optimization of the climatic conditions of the grow-room. This means that the F-1 generation is a lot more potent than either parent. F-1 generations also consist of uniform plants. Germinating cannabis seeds can be done in various ways and the internet is full of cannabis grow forums that document various methods.

The Dutch Passion cannabis seed germination guide lists several of the most popular ways to germinate seeds. One simple method is to simply place seeds about 1cm below the surface of firmly pressed damp soil.Do you want to know how to grow feminized seeds indoors?

These tips from Dutch Passion will help you grow the best feminized seeds indoors. More information can be found in our extensive indoor growing guide. Deep water culture may be one of the best ways to grow feminized seeds indoors, but it requires a good working knowledge of nutrient management, nutrient measurement and plenty of experience. Growing cannabis in coco fibre is easier and produces heavy crops. Many first time cannabis growers start growing with a soil mix bought from the local grow shop.

Once you have grown a few crops your confidence will improve and you will understand the basics, and feel able to tackle more complicated grow systems. Keep your first cannabis grows as simple as you can, and use the local grow shop for advice. Your local hydroponics store is a one-stop shop for materials and advice.

Although you have hundreds of varieties to choose from, your first decision is whether to buy feminized autoflower seeds or feminized photoperiod seeds.

Feminized autoflower seeds grow from seed to harvest with 20 hours of daily light, taking around 75 days. First time cannabis growers are often recommended to grow feminized autoflower seeds, they are easy to grow and the best autoflower seeds can produce huge yields of several hundred grams per plant in good conditions. The Dutch Passion feminized autoflower seed collection is one of the best available, with lots of customer grow reviews.

Feminized photoperiod seeds are often simply called feminized seeds. They have two growth phases controlled by the amount of light.

When the amount of daily light is reduced to 12 hours the plants start to produce buds, this is known as the bloom phase, sometimes called the flowering phase. One of the best tips for growing feminized seeds indoors is to provide plenty of light during bloom to maximise your harvest.

For a 1. When growing feminized seeds indoors the two main mistakes we see are plants being over fed, and for soil grown plants over-watering is a common error. Allow the soil to partially dry out between waterings, this allows some root aeration.

Over feeding plants can really slow down development, the tips of the leaves go brown and crispy — a condition known as nutrient burn. Experienced growers monitor their nutrient concentrations using an EC meter to measure Electrical Conductivity, they are a recommended grow room gadget to help optimise your grows. Over-feeding your cannabis plants is particularly damaging to young plants which can remain permanently stunted, never fully recovering afterwards.

When growing feminized seeds indoors, start your plants at low nutrient concentrations and gradually increase nutrient concentration, backing off at the first sign of over feeding. The experienced cannabis grower is able to steadily increase nutrient concentrations throughout the grow without under-feeding or over-feeding his plants.

Keeping your plants in this nutrient sweet spot will ensure that you feminized seeds grow into healthy, heavy yielding plants. If light levels are high, the root mass is healthy and plenty of fresh air is supplied to the grow room then you should get healthy plants with heavy blooms. All of the major nutrient companies offer products that will grow good quality cannabis. Many growers will eventually settle on their own preferred nutrient brand and feel that using the same brand with increased skill and experience is the best approach.

Combine good quality cannabis genetics with an optimised environment and you will get heavy harvests of THC rich buds. As well as offering higher cannabinoid levels, LED grow lights produce less heat than HPS lights, use less energy and last longer. LED grow lights are the preferred choice of the serious hobby grower as well as the professional legal cannabis producers.

Comparative Grow: from Dutch Passion at The Vault

Dutch Passion feminized seeds and autoflower seeds are highly rated, our cannabis seed collection has never been better. And our varieties have never been as well proven or popular. The best selling Dutch Passion feminized seeds from are shown below. Best selling Autoflower seeds Best selling Indoor feminized seeds Your email address will not be published. Post Comment.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. As soon as it was released in Power Plant became an instant success, a heavy yielding and highly stable classic. Power Plant is a mostly sativa variety from South Africa and the original version is only available from Dutch Passion.

It was only ever inbred by us, never hybridised, and remains a pure and stable strain with a great and well deserved reputation. When it was first released every coffeeshop wanted Power Plant on their menu and it is still found in Dutch coffeeshops today. The plants reach Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies.

For more information please click here. We are currently still able to process orders and ship them but there may be a delay of days before we dispatch. Also as different postal services around the world adopt different restrictions we are experiencing delays in items arriving outside the EU.

We are working to get orders to you as soon as we can but please be patient at this difficult time. Seed Shop Breeders Promos Guide. Search Search. View Basket You have no items in your basket. Earthy, Licorice, Sweet. Power Plant Feminized by Dutch Passion. Pack Size. Add to Basket Adding Go To Checkout.

Sex Female. Characteristics Uplifting High. Flowering time Weeks. Plant height Med: cmcm. Genetics Unknown x Unknown Sativa Dominant. Type Feminized. Breeder Dutch Passion. Details Power Plant is a mostly sativa variety from South Africa and the original version is only available from Dutch Passion. No reviews yet.

Write your own review Only registered users can write reviews.This forces the plant to start the process of flowering. With it comes the luscious THC-soaked buds which we all love.

how to grow dutch passion

There are lots of things to look out for and a lifetime of learning when it comes to cannabis cultivation and the following information and tips should help. Seed selectionYou can buy feminized or regular photoperiod seeds. Dutch Passion still offer over a dozen varieties of regular non-feminized seeds.

These days, nearly everyone prefers to grow from feminized photoperiod seeds. And many people will have their preferred seed banks and favorite strains. There are lots of choices when it comes to seeds. Do you prefer indica or sativa seeds? Or maybe a banging hybrid? What about USA genetics? Some fantastic quality genetics have made their way from the USA to the rest of the world recently.

Some growers prefer the security of going with an established seed company. Others will take a punt on something new from a lesser known seed supplier. Choose wisely. The variety which you select will be in your grow room for the next few months and in your jars for even longer. Seed selection time is one moment in your life when compromise is not required. It is one of the most important decisions in your grow. Many growers have their own preferred germination method.

Few growers like to change their growing method.Dutch Passion Orange Hill Special is an exceptional new orange skunk selection for The resulting seed are available in both regular and feminized traditional photoperiod forms.

The plants tend to be bushy, resinous and around 1m in hight. I had decided before the grow I was going to do multiple toppings to keep her as short and bushy as possible this means cutting through the main growing stem of the plant. Then after another week she was topped again along with some of the side branches. Because I had 2 lights, I was able to angle them to give maximum coverage over the Orange Hill Special. The trichome coverage was good and the aroma while growing was very citrusy as you would expect, with the pungency strengthening through the flower phase.

After a week in paper bags she was jarred and the pre cure weight was just over 8 ounces grams. But there is lots more going on with pepper, skunk and liquorice. Overall this is an easy strain to grow with top quality buds at the end. That was a pretty special first diary for Orange Hill Special! And thanks for some delicious photography too! Orange Hill Special is available in feminized and regular seeds, we hope she allows a new generation of home-growers to experience the delights of a top quality orange skunk bred from the best original Dutch genetics.

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